As If I Want You to Go

This poem comes from an imagined situation.


As If I Want You to Go

After you tell me

you will be leaving soon

I have to get busy,

any hard chore will do,

so I grab a steel wool pad,

grab the broiler pan,

shamefully splattered

with black globs of

baked on fat

as if we never have

the time to clean it

as if we never

have the chance

to deal with any of the

messes in this

god damned family

and so I scrub

until my fingertips

bleed from the

spun steel pad

and I imagine

you in the family room


what the hell

I think I am doing.

As if I knew.

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I've been writing mostly poetry for many years and have gotten a number of works accepted in publications and anthologies. I'm most interested in communicating with poets for whom craft is a high priority. I enjoy finding and commenting on poetic gems in other people's work. For my own work, I welcome polite comments, whether positive or critical.

13 thoughts on “As If I Want You to Go”

  1. Thank you for the alert that this comes from an imagined situation. It immediately called to my mind those moments in my youth, when my mother, angry and frustrated with something, would throw herself into chores. She would “angry” wash the dishes and “angry” vacuum. Noise and clatter and dark frowns. It was her way of releasing frustration. But it always put me on high alert.

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    1. yes, i worried that this posting might mislead readers, so thus the caveat at the top of the page. thanks for sharing your memories about how your mother dealt with her anger, which sounds very familiar. and, yes, it’s the kids who often get affected the most. as always i welcome your thoughtful comments.


  2. If it were me, I would not put the preface up there. It steals some of its fire.

    This is strong, direct, only using as many words as it needs. It’s on the money with how that situation feels and how we react to it

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      1. This poetry is great. I am just a beginner at it, I would really appreciate if you would take the time out to read my blog, it’d really help. Comment, if you may, and do give the most honest feedback. I’m sorry on going off on a long rant upon myself but, if really appreciate it.



  3. very helpful of you to mention the audios because almost no one has in the 9 months or so that i’ve been inserting them. and i am glad you like how i write because it’s hard to know how the work is coming across.


    1. L.T., i think that readers, even educated readers, tend to confuse the voice of a work with the author. what they don’t know is that we writers sometimes enjoy taking on different personalities, as if we were actors playing different roles. however, must admit that while this situation was imagined, the persona in this poem closely resembles a person that i once was. i appreciate your generous comment and that you read my work!–michael

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      1. You are so welcome, I enjoy reading your work. It is very true what you say. I write a lot of melancholy poems mainly because I put myself in other people’s shoes. I have had a reader who always used to tell me what helped her when she was feeling sad, depressed, etc…..I thanked her, but then pointed out that I’m a fiction writer and it is even listed in the blog tagline, ha ha. But I promised that if I ever really needed help… 🙂


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