item: sex found to cause global warming


i look into

and then through a mirror

that has reflected me,

faithfully, for years.


unfortunately i see the same face.


but suddenly

the mirror shows

my light-blue eyes

reflecting jade-green light.

so what brought this on?


then i remember

reading recently about

the north pole shifting slightly —

perhaps causing my eye color

to shift slightly, too?


further, scientists aver that

the entire universe is connected:

our great galaxy gathers,

as if sheep, the stars which gather

the planets which gather the

moons connected to the hip bones,

the hip bones

connected to the thigh bones, and…

sexy astrophysics, anyone?


as our world shifts again,

my suddenly purple eyes

widen as i also remember

physicists have recently found

that seemingly unconnected bodies

can enact changes on one another,

showing the universe’s deep eroticism

which could explain, my love,

the force that pulls me to you.


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I've been writing mostly poetry for many years and have gotten a number of works accepted in publications and anthologies. I'm most interested in communicating with poets for whom craft is a high priority. I enjoy finding and commenting on poetic gems in other people's work. For my own work, I welcome polite comments, whether positive or critical.

5 thoughts on “item: sex found to cause global warming”

    1. thanks for the overview, bonnie. the poem is an odd mix. but then i have an odd mind, so no wonder. and i must credit the influence of how scientists themselves model so well the use of metaphor.


    1. yes, carrie. thanks for that thought. i guess what has amazed me over the last few years is the discovery of just how connected our amazing universe is. now if we on planet earth could just behave as if we understood the implications of those connections.


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