Second Grade at McKinley School…

in flat-prairie Kansas we wove

in and out from each other

while holding the red and white

paper-mache’ strips, wrapping the maypole

as I commenced to fall in love

with Mrs. Blake, our dark-haired teacher,

who played on black disks orchestral music

that moved us around the pole

that could move me toward love,


and I did love her even when I disobeyed

and even when she sent me out

to the porch into the snow for misbehaving,


and I loved her even on the spring day

when I walked away from school

during lunch recess, when I felt sad

and I walked down the blocks

with no one coming out to ask

why I wasn’t at school,


and at the edge of town

I walked into the park, a place of

trees and grass and a concrete bear pit

where the bear, the only animal in the zoo,

sat sadly but no longer alone

as we looked at each other,

contemplating and commiserating

until I got hungry and walked home.





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I've been writing mostly poetry for many years and have gotten a number of works accepted in publications and anthologies. I'm most interested in communicating with poets for whom craft is a high priority. I enjoy finding and commenting on poetic gems in other people's work. For my own work, I welcome polite comments, whether positive or critical.

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